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Norton Commando

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Norton Commando

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Norton Commando

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US Flag Tuesday, November 30, 2021
A popular upgrade combination from Colorado Norton Works for pre-MKIII Commandos is the Electric Start and 520 Final Drive Conversion. Besides getting the preeminent electric starter including belt drive, you’ll get a high quality 520 X-Ring chain which ends clearance problems and makes your chain nearly maintenance free.

For those able to bring/ship their bike to us, we have a special deal. We'll install both kits, take the removed parts in trade, and charge you very little more than it would cost you to get the parts.

cNw offers several options and upgrades which you can choose at cost – see the second section below.

While your bike is with us, we can offer additional options – see the third section below.

Call Greg at 703-200-4025 for more info or to arrange to be upgraded.  With lead times ordering parts, it's best to get this done outside the riding season! The cNw e-start kit can take up to six weeks to arrive if we don't have the specific one you want in stock. Everything else is quick to arrive if we're out of stock.

cNw Electric Start, Satin Inner Primary, Black or Chrome Starter $2495.00
Barnett Clutch Pack, Complete Kit $186.85
cNw 520 X-Ring Final Drive, Cush Drive Hub $589.95
AGM Battery (local purchase) $80.00
Shipping (approximate) $60.00
Total buying the parts yourself $3411.80

Total us doing it (includes Sales Tax) $3810.00

cNw Options
Electric Starter Polished Inner Primary Cover $200.00
Electric Starter Anodize Inner Primary Cover $400.00
Shorai LFX18L1-BS12 Lithium Iron Battery (replaces battery above) $122.95
Bolt-up Rear Hub (older models) -$70.00
Use your current clutch pack -$100.00

GME Options (Parts & Sales Tax Included)
Install Tri-Spark Ignition $235.00
Install Tri-Spark MOSFET Regulator $125.00
Install Two Tri-Spark 6-Volt Coils $95.00
Install Lucas 3-phase stator $100.00
Install cNw Single Coil $165.00
Install our Single Coil $125.00
Install one-piece rear axle (Don Pender) $115.00
Install oil pressure switch (Don Pender) $50.00
Cleanup entire bike wiring like this $600.00

Burlen, the parent of the AMAL Carb Company    The AMAL Carb Company     Tri-Spark, inovative electrical products for the Vintage British Motorcycle     Wassell, the 70+ year old suppliers of British Motorcycle parts     Central Wheel Company, the 120+ old suppliers of spokes and rims     cNw has become a leader in bringing new parts and improvements to the Norton motorcycle market.
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