NATURE OF RELEASE: Availability of quartz halogen light units.
MODELS AFFECTED: All Commando with 7in. headlamps
DISTRIBUTION: Worldwide (Distributors only)
EXPLANATION: Quartz halogen light units are now available as a kit through the Spares Department to convert existing headlamp units. The conversion is available only for 7in. diameter headlamps and thus cannot be incorporated on Hi-Rider and SS models. The conversion kits available are:

Left hand dip set comprising:

54526114 Light unit

463 Bulb

553738 Bulb holder adaptor

Right hand dip set comprising:

54526323 Light unit

472 Bulb

553738 Bulb holder adaptor
ACTION: Where quartz halogen light units are legally acceptable for your market, order the requisite number of conversion kits as normal spares requirements.

June 1972

Norton Villers Canada Limited