NATURE OF RELEASE: Combat and standard Commando
MODELS AFFECTED: 1972 Commando
DISTRIBUTION: Worldwide (Trade only)
EXPLANATION: In order to meet early 1972 production requirements, an interim piston has been produced to accommodate the additional valve lift of the Combat engine, As the new interim Combat pistons differ only from the previous Commando type in the depth of the valve cutaways, the new pistons are therefore currently specified for both standard Commando and Combat versions and supersede the previous pistons 062459(L.H.) and 062462(R.H.). When the final Combat pistons become available, they will be of the solid skirt variety and completely interchangeable with the interim Combat pistons (though, ideally, in pairs). The part numbers of the various pistons are detailed below:

Incoming orders for solid skirt pistons will be fulfilled from interim version stocks until the changeover is completed. Note that on a production basis interim pistons were introduced from engine number 200976 and final Combat pistons from engine number 204166.

April 1972

Norton Villiers Canada Limited