NATURE OF RELEASE: Achieving legal noise levels
MODELS AFFECTED: 1973 750 Commando
DISTRIBUTION: U. S. A. /Canada only
EXPLANATION: All 1973 750 models excepting Hi-Rider have the muffler tail cone mutes supplied separately in the crate in the plastic bag containing the front fender hardware. To meet legal noise requirements for noise limitations in some States it is most essential for the mutes to be fitted before the motorcycle is offered for sale, for otherwise both the selling dealer and new owner may be in violation. The fitting of the mutes necessitates changes to carburetor settings including the fitting of the main jets supplied.
ACTION: Insert the mutes in the muffler tail cones, lipped end rearwards, align the holes in the mutes and mufflers and fit the self-tapping securing screws securely.

Fit the new main jets by turning off the fuel, removing the carburetor float bowls and holding the main jet holders to prevent turning as the original main jet is removed from the carburetor. Fit the size 220 main jets supplied and refit the float bowls. Remove the carburetor tops, lift out. the throttle slides attached to the cables and re-locate the needle clips in the top groove of each needle. Refit the slides and tops.

February 1973

Norton Villiers Canada Limited