NATURE OF RELEASE: Tyre pressure recommendation
MODELS AFFECTED: All 1971/1972 Commando.
DISTRIBUTION: Worldwide (for general distribution)
EXPLANATION: Tyres produced by two different manufacturers are used, in pairs, on Commando models. Due to the different characteristics of the tyre walls, although varying tyre pressures are advantageous under certain circumstances, the front and rear tyre pressures must remain equal for Avon tyres but not for Dunlop. We therefore recommend a minimum tyre pressure of 26 p.s.i. for Avon tyres front and rear. In the case of Dunlop tyres the following pressures are approved:

Commando with one 168lb. riderFront22  1.547
Rear24  1.687
Commando with two 168lb. ridersFront24  1.687
Rear28  1.969
Commando with two 168lb. riders andFront28  1.969
pannier luggage up to 100lb.(45.36kg)Rear32  2.250

June 1972

Norton Villiers Canada Limited