NATURE OF RELEASE: Reversal of handlebar switch clusters.
MODELS AFFECTED: Late 1972 Commando- all models
DISTRIBUTION: Worldwide (for general distribution)
EXPLANATION: As a direct result of user requests for right hand operation of the direction indicators, the decision has been taken to interchange the left and right and switch clusters. To save changing wiring colour identification at 6 connectors, the functions of kill button and headlamp flasher and spare button and horn shown in Illustration 2 of the Riders Manual are also reversed. New prints of the handbook will include this modified layout but where motorcycles have been despatched which are at variance to the handbook, the supplying dealer is requested to acquaint the new owner with the revised layout. From the time of the changeover, the revised control positions will be:
ACTION: Ensure that all new owners of modified models are suitably briefed.

May 1972

Norton Villiers Canada Limited