NATURE OF RELEASE: Method of issuing Service Releases
MODELS AFFECTED: All Commando models
DISTRIBUTION: Worldwide (for general distribution)
EXPLANATION: To improve continuity in the issue of Service Releases, we shall from now on issue releases in the 4 separate sequences dependent upon destination. The sequences are:

SERIES 1   Distributors Only
SERIES 2   Agents and Distributors Only
SERIES 3   General Distribution Only
SERIES 4   One Market Only

The Service Releases will then bear the number, e. g. 'N' (indicating Norton) 2 (Agents/distributors) followed by the sequential number.

viz No, N2/49

The change in method of issue means that each source will from now on be able to maintain a complete file in ascending number order without missing numbers as previously has been the case.

May 1972

Norton Villiers Canada Limited