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Norton Commando

Updated 02/07/24

Norton Commando

Updated 02/18/24

Norton Commando

Updated 02/18/24

Norton Commando

Updated 02/18/24

Norton Commando
Head Stud Study

Updated 11/25/23

Norton Commando
Service Releases

Updated 06/13/22

Norton Commando

Updated 02/17/24

Used Parts For Sale
Updated 09/13/20

High Mileage 850
Updated 02/07/24

Customer Combat
Build Oct 23

Updated 02/17/24

Blue 69S
Updated 02/18/24

Norton Rear
Wheel Lacing

Updated 05/06/22

Norton Front
Wheel Lacing

Updated 10/22/21

Norton Front
Forks Helper

Updated 01/08/23

Norton Wiring
Updated 09/02/23

Norton Wiring Diagrams
Updated 02/28/21

Combat 5
Updated 02/07/24

Roadster 850
Updated 08/07/23

1973 Customer
BasketCase Build

Delivered 07/15/22

1974 Norton 850
Commando Rebuild

Sold 01/12/21
Updated 06/10/21

1974 Norton Wiring
Updated 11/21/21

1972 Norton 750
Commando Rebuild

Completed 05/15/19
First Place Norton 5/16/19
Sold 01/01/20

1972 Norton Wiring
Updated 09/06/20

Customer Combat
and 69S Builds

Closed 10/18/23
US Flag Saturday, February 24, 2024

This page is an attempt to identify the Norton Commando color schemes used through the years of production. Very little of this is from my personal knowledge or experience. I prefer Black with 850-type double row pinstripes and have never paid a lot of attention to the other colors. Most of it comes from various Norton Parts Books and color cards. Some of it has been checked by some members of the Access Norton forum. If you see something wrong or have more to add, please write me! I would like to add any missing models and correct anything wrong! As I have time I want to add info on the side panels as well.

Most years are as certain as I can be at this point.  However, 1969 is a mess.  I currently list what Roy Bacon said but it is becoming clear that the info is mostly wrong.  There is a parts book that says 1968 ~ 1970 on the front cover and then in middle includes a "Supplements for 1969 and 1970".  That supplement lists four colors: Red, Green, Red/Silver (two-tone), and Fireflake Silver and says that there is no recess fo the tank badge.  People have examples of Blue/Silver (two-tone) that they are sure are factory and some of the two-tone tanks have the recess.

If you have a paint code that you think is a good match for a Norotn color, let me know. If I get enough to make the programming make sense, I'll add them here.

The gray cells mean that the model didn't exist that year (work in progress). Codes:
  • F = Fiberglass
  • S = Steel
  • 750-F = 750cc with fiberglass tank
  • 750-S = 750cc with steel tank
  • 850-F = 850cc with fiberglass tank
  • 850-S = 850cc with steel tank
Year Color AKA Roadster Fastback Fastback LR S-Type R-Type HiRider SS Interstate Interpol Authority
1967Silver (Round Recessed Tank Badge)YesRoy Bacon Norton Twin Restoration
1968Green (Round Recessed Tank Badge)YesRoy Bacon Norton Twin Restoration
1969British Racing GreenYesRoy Bacon Norton Twin Restoration
1969Fireflake RedYesYesRoy Bacon Norton Twin Restoration
1969Fireflake SilverYesRoy Bacon Norton Twin Restoration
1969Grenadier RedYesRoy Bacon Norton Twin Restoration
1969Sapphire BlueYesYesRoy Bacon Norton Twin Restoration
1970BlackYes70 Color Card
1970British Racing GreenYesYes70 Color Card
1970Canary YellowYesYesYes70 Color Card
1970Fireflake Silver70 Color Card
1970Golden BronzeFireflake Golden BronzeYesYes70 Color Card
1970Roman PurpleFireflake PurpleYes70 Color Card
1970Royal BlueFireflake Roman BlueYesYes70 Color Card
1970Signal OrangeYes70 Color Card
1970Signal RedYesYes70 Color Card
1970TangerineYesYes70 Color Card
1971Black w/LiningLivery BlackYesParts 101/71
1971British Racing GreenYesYesParts 101/71 & 71 Color Card
1971Fireflake Golden BronzeGolden BronzeYesYesParts 101/71 & 71 Color Card
1971Fireflake Roman PurpleRoyal PurpleYesParts 101/71 & 71 Color Card
1971Fireflake Royal BlueRoman BlueYesYesParts 101/71 & 71 Color Card
1971Livery BlackBlackYesParts 101/71 & 71 Color Card
1971Solid Canary YellowCanary YellowYesYesYesParts 101/71 & 71 Color Card
1971Solid Signal OrangeSignal OrangeYesParts 101/71 & 71 Color Card
1971Solid Signal RedSignal RedYesYesYesParts 101/71 & 71 Color Card
1971Solid TangerineTangerineYesYesParts 101/71 & 71 Color Card
1972BlackSParts 063402
1972Black w/Gold LiningLivery BlackF & SParts 063402
1972Black w/LiningLivery BlackF & SParts 063402
1972Blue w/Silver LiningBlueF & SParts 063402
1972British Racing GreenFParts 063402
1972Fireflake Golden BronzeF & SParts 063402
1972Fireflake Roman PurpleF & SParts 063402
1972Fireflake Royal BlueBlueF & SFParts 063402
1972RedSParts 063402
1972Solid Canary YellowCanary YellowF & SFParts 063402
1972Solid Signal OrangeSignal OrangeF & SParts 063402
1972Solid Signal RedRedF & SFParts 063402
1972Solid TangerineTangerineFParts 063402
1972WhiteSParts 063402
1973BlackSParts 065034 After 212278
1973Black w/Gold LiningLivery Black750-F & 850-S750-F & 850-SParts 065034 After 212278
1973Blue w/Silver LiningBlue750-F & 850-SParts 065034 After 212278
1973Candy Apple Red 850-S850-SParts 065034 After 212278
1973Fireflake Golden Bronze850-SParts 065034 After 212278
1973Fireflake Royal BlueBlueF & SParts 065034 After 212278
1973Fireflake Royal Blue w/SilverBlue850-SParts 065034 After 212278
1973Livery BlackParts 065034 After 212278
1973Solid Canary YellowCanary Yellow750-S750-FParts 065034 After 212278
1973Tangerine750-FParts 065034 After 212278
1973WhiteSParts 065034 After 212278
1974BlackYesParts 065988 After 307311
1974Black, Double Line TrimYesYesYesParts 065988 After 307311
1974Blue, Double Line TrimYesParts 065988 After 307311
1974Candy Apple Red, Double Line TrimYesYesParts 065988 After 307311
1974Dayglow White, Blue StripesYesParts 065988 After 307311
1974Fireflake Golden Bronze, Double Line TrimYesParts 065988 After 307311
1974Fireflake Royal Blue, Double Line TrimYesParts 065988 After 307311
1974Tangerine, no trimYesParts 065988 After 307311
1974WhiteYesParts 065988 After 307311
1975BlackYesYesYesYesParts 005756
1975RedYesYesParts 005756
1975SilverYesParts 005756
1975WhiteYesYesYesParts 005756

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