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Triumph 500s

In 1968, I bought my first Triumph - a T100. It was stolen in 1970. During the time I owned it, it was my only transportation. In 1971 I bought a T100C basket case and due to being poor, it took me three years to get it on the road. I still have that bike and I'm rebuilding it now - it stayed outside for a long time while life got in the way of taking care of it.

Triumph Tridents

A while back, after a 40 year wait, I finally got a nice T150V.  It's is a 29k mile 1974 T150V that has never been restored.  The previous owner had it since 1976, always stored it inside, and whenever something was wrong, took care of it right away.  The bike looks much better than is possible to expect -- you have to look close to find anything wrong! There's a picture here. The tank has been repainted.

Soon after getting my first Trident, I bought another planning for my stepson with ride with me.  The second one is completely original and it too has never been restored.  The tank has original paint.

Norton Commando

In 1974 a friend bought a brand new Norton 850 Commando Roadster. He was a little guy and had real problems starting the bike. He eventually learned but in the beginning he would ask me to start it. One time, I took it for a ride down Interstate 66. Back then, you could ride that road for miles and never see anyone. Although I had ridden a variety of bikes I was a Triumph guy, I was truly amazed when the revs came up and the vibration stopped and I was shocked by the power. I think it could beat my Triumph 500 without getting out of 2nd gear! I was hooked. But like everything else, life got in the way. So, starting 2013 I looked for almost two years and finally found a 1974 Norton 850 Command Roadster for sale in Pennsylvania. It was in good shape and the price was good. I finally had my Norton.

Here’s the story I was told on my Norton: It was originally sold in Scotland and then imported to Pennsylvania. It was converted to a Café’ Racer and then converted back to stock and ridden to California. Then it was again converted to a Café Racer and once again converted back to stock and ridden back to Pennsylvania when the second owner bought it. That all happened by the end of 1976. I got it with all the original parts except that it has a RITA ignition. The wiring was a real mess so I spent a couple of days restoring that. I correctly routed the speedo cable, fixed the rear brake light switch (didn’t have one), had the tachometer rebuilt, painted some bare spots on the frame and it’s in good shape now. No rust, starts easily, and goes! It has never been restored and doesn’t need it. I’ll keep improving the blemishes and I’ll eventually redo the tank as it is pretty rough but I have no plans for a complete restore.


In around 1974 I bought a 1972 BSA B50MX basket case and never finished it. My Grandson talked me out of it and with help from me, he got it running. He raced it in three motos in 2014 at Budds Creeks, MD, we had a few mechanical problems, but he enjoyed himself.  In 2015 at Budds Creek, he won his class! 7/27/15 while  racing in WV he lost spark - the bike had an Energy Transfer ignition and they are very tough to get right.  He brought me the bike and I converted it to a capacitor ignition which is easy to work with.

A while back, I bought a nearly complete 1972 B50SS. The owner bought it for hunting and painted EVERYTHING olive drab. It's way down the queue to be rebuilt.
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