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US Flag Saturday, July 2, 2022
My 1974 T150V, not restored, just kept up over the years!

My 1974 T150V

TR6C, the Rebuild from Hell, slowly being rebuilt. This was the most ugly engine I've ever seen before I started!

Original T100C Primary Cover from 1967, blasted and polished.

T100 Primary Cover

1967 T100C +0.20 Pistons installed in 1973, recently blasted, sanded, and polished -- looked terrible
before starting. They are installed now.

T100 Pistons

Lucas handlebar switch housing, blasted and polished.  It was 100% white corrosion before I started.
Still needs a little cleaning to get the compound out of the lettering.

Lucas Housing

The B50MX I gave my Grandson in show colors at Budds Creek Maryland. I bought this as a beatup mess in about 1974. It sat around until my grandson talked me out of it. With some help from his father and me, he got it running and has raced it at Budds Creek, MD. When racing, he uses a tank from my other B50, but he and I painted this tank and the rear fender the way he wanted it; then he and his father pinstripped and decal'ed it and he shows it this way.

1972 B50MX
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