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US Flag Saturday, July 2, 2022
From time to time you come across a seat that is OK, but the pan has a lot of rust and the cover is OK, but drab. This page will document a 1974 Triumph Trident original seat restore. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures before starting because I didn't plan on documenting this.

To start, I carefully bent all the triangles up 90 degrees form the seat pan rim so I could carefully take the cover off.  The pan had a lot of rust top and bottom but no places where it was not usable.  The foam is still in excellent shape but has some rust chunks to be removed.  The cover had a rim of rust where it folded over the rim of the seat pan.

First, I sand blasted the seat pan and got all the paint and most of the rust off.  Then I treated the pan all over with CRC rust converter.  It was easier to do it all than try to hit spots.  On the top side, I'll just paint.  On the bottom, I'll sand smooth and then paint.

Then, I scrubbed the seat cover inside and out.  There is a good bit of rust staining on the inside and there were some chunks of rust that I picked off.  I have some self-adhesive cloth tape coming that I'll reinforce the edge with on the inside.  This is not actually required, but I think a good idea none the less.  Since the seat looked good before starting with no wrinkles or sags, I'll put it back on using the same holes.  I do plan to put a piece of 1/4" thick foam between the pan and OEM foam just to make it a slight bit tighter.

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