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Norton Commando

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Norton Commando

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Norton Commando

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Norton Commando
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Norton Commando

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US Flag Thursday, August 18, 2022
Manufacturer: Norton
Years: 1975(2)
Model: Mk 2A (MKIII?)
Engine: 850cc
Right Carb: R932/33
Left Carb: L932/34
Main Jet: 230
Needle Jet: 106
Throttle Valve: 3-1/2
Pilot Jet: Bush
Needle Position: 2
Needle: Norton
Spray Bar: Norton
Notes: According to the MKIII parts book (00-5755), the float bowls were Amal 622/056 with the 0.125" bore float needle seats and the main jets were 220. The carb numbers were L932/24 (obvious typo) and R932/33. This means that they were the same as the MK2A carbs except for the float bowl (or maybe the MK2A also had that bowl). According to the MKIII Workshop Manual (00-4224) the main jets were 230. Since these carbs are also specified for the MK2A (with a 220 main jet) I'm not sure which float bowl is provided by this ACK/PACK number and will check next time I get a set. The 220 main jet is supplied under this number.

PACK 114 (R932/42 | L932/43) is the only set specified for the MKIII by AMAL but we know it was never used by Norton and the main jet is a 200 when you buy that PACK.

So, it appears that AMAL has no specific set of a MKIII.

When ordering carbs from Amal, you can order by "ACK" or "PACK" number. "ACK" is standard carbs and "PACK" is premier.  Everything above is for standard carbs. The Premier versions are jetted the same except for the pilot jet which is removable rather than the "bush" listed above. Amal builds premiers for Norton 750s with #17 pilot jets, and #19 for Norton 850s. As of mid-2021, the carbs are made of aluminum rather than a zinc alloy. Considering how much better the premier carbs are, we do not recommend or sell the standard carbs.

We have many of the PACK sets In stock - you won't find them For less anywhere than calling or emailing us directly.  They sell direct for even less than our eBay price which is lower than others.
Burlen, the parent of the AMAL Carb Company    The AMAL Carb Company     Tri-Spark, inovative electrical products for the Vintage British Motorcycle     Wassell, the 70+ year old suppliers of British Motorcycle parts     Central Wheel Company, the 120+ old suppliers of spokes and rims     cNw has become a leader in bringing new parts and improvements to the Norton motorcycle market.
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