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Updated 04/03/24

Norton Projects Blog
Updated 07/24/24

850 Commando Recommission
Updated 07/23/24

Customer Combat
Build Oct 23

Title transferred
Ready for pickup 06/03/24

1975 Norton Wiring
Pickup 06/07/24

Combat 5
Updated 06/04/24

Roadster 850
Updated 04/03/24

Blue 69S
Delivered 05/17/24

High Mileage 850
Delivered 03/26/24

Mk3 Engine & Gearbox
Delivered 03/07/23

1973 Customer
BasketCase Build

Delivered 07/15/22

1974 Norton 850
Commando Rebuild

Sold 01/12/21
Updated 06/10/21

Customer Combat
Delivered 09/07/20

1974 Norton Wiring
Completed 07/27/20

1972 Norton 750
Commando Rebuild

Completed 05/15/19
First Place Norton 05/16/19
Sold 01/01/20

1972 Norton Wiring
Completed 07/19/18

Customer Combat
and 69S Builds

Closed 10/18/23

US FlagWednesday, July 24, 2024
December 2022:

Since the beginning of 2020, people have come out of the woodwork wanting either work done on their Norton or to have a Norton built.  I've completed two complete builds, three rebuilds, and several finish and get running.  Also, several engine and gearbox builds.  I'm about done with the last two builds, see: Customer Combat and 69S Builds

I just updated the Triumph home page to list all Triumph projects in my queue so it's time to make the Norton list:
  • My 1974 MK2A rider.  It's on one of my tables getting a re-wire and freshen-up.  The engine and gearbox have never been apart and they are working fine.  It's a very low mileage bike.
  • A titled, matching numbers 1972 750 Combat. The frame is powder coated, the wheels are built, and the engine/gearbox are in the cradle.
  • A titled, matching numbers bitsa (71 engine, 72 or later frame, etc). The frame is powder coated, it is a Fastback Long Range..
  • An untitled 1974 frame and an untitled 1974 engine (not matching numbers) and two good gearbox shells.  I'm looking for a titled set of 850 cases so I can turn this mess into a titled bike.
  • Several other Norton parts with titles but not numbers matching.

Access Norton (I'm marshg246)

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