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The Rebuild from Hell
Updated 01/22/19

1974 T150V Refresh
Updated 07/12/24

1970 T120R Rebuild
Updated 05/05/24

A Trident Rebirth
Updated 7/4/2024

1970 T100R Rebuild
Sold 6/1/2019

1971 T120R Rebuild
Sold 6/22/2017

US FlagWednesday, July 24, 2024
November 2013, we bought a 95% complete, barely running, titled, 1971 T120R.  The plan was to restore it with my Grandsons so they could learn and make a little money.  Well, I got a little work out of the youngest and he was the first one to start the rebuilt bike.  This ended up being a rebuild, not a restore.  Wherever possible, I refurbished original parts and bought NOS parts but I didn't worry too much about nuts and bolts, and it is professionally painted gloss black.

It's done now, runs and rides great, has a clear Virginia title in my name and is ready for sale.  A little detail:

Every single part was removed.  The engine has all new bearings and rings.  The pistons are +.020 and the original hash marks were not gone from the bore job so I just put in new rings.  The hubs, rims, and spokes are original and just cleaned up.  The wheel bearings and brake shoes are new as are the tires.  The fork seals and bushings are new - the fork tubes were in good condition.  The chain and sprockets are new.  The speedo and tach have been restored.  Most of the cables are new.  The seat is new.  The tank was rust and dent free and has been professionally painted - it is not perfect but much better than I could have done myself!  It has a Tri-Spark ignition system, Tri-Spark coils, and a Tri-Spark voltage regulator.  Most small black parts were power coated in-house.  The headlight is new, the taillight and turn signals are restored.  Most of the wiring is new and everything works properly.

The bike starts on the first kick and once a little warm, idles.  It has a small primary cover oil leak (normal for a British bike), but I'll address it.

Besides time, I have over $5000 in the bike.  The first local, cash, offer over $5500 will own this bike!  If you want to use PayPal, add 3.6%.  If you want it shipped or if you want to come see it, I am usually available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday.

1971 Bonneville 1

1971 Bonneville 2

1971 Bonneville 3

1971 Bonneville 4

1971 Bonneville 5

1971 Bonneville 6

1971 Bonneville 7

1971 Bonneville 8

1971 Bonneville 9

1971 Bonneville 10

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