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US Flag Thursday, October 6, 2022
Amal still manufactures and sells most of the carbs it ever produced.  Buying them directly from Amal is very expensive due to the exchange rate and shipping.  For instance, a pair of new standard 600- or 900-series concentric carbs will cost you around $310 and a pair new premier 600- or 900-series concentric carbs will cost you around $350 and those prices are before shipping.  Shipping will cost you about $40 more.

Since we are a dealer and order large quantities of Amal parts and carbs, we get better prices and the shipping doesn't hurt as much.  We generally place an order every 4-6 weeks. If you're not in a big hurry, we can save you some real money.

Today, 7/26/19, Amal announced another big price increase:

   One new 600- or 900-series concentric carb: $148 plus actual shipping cost.  $296 for a pair.

   One new 600- or 900-series premier concentric carb: $168 plus actual shipping cost.  $336 for a pair.

Have a look at eBay - they cost much more there, even from us.  BTW, the price difference between standard and Premier is small enough that you should strongly consider Premier - they are way better carbs!

If you need to know what carb(s) your bike had originally or what jets you need, write us with make, model and year we'll look it up.   Just write to:

Burlen, the parent of the AMAL Carb Company    The AMAL Carb Company    Tri-Spark, inovative electrical products for the Vintage British Motorcycle    Wassell, the 70+ year old suppliers of British Motorcycle parts    Central Wheel Company, the 120+ old suppliers of spokes and rims
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