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The Rebuild from Hell
Updated 01/22/19

1974 T150V Refresh
Updated 04/03/24

1970 T120R Rebuild
Updated 04/03/24

A Trident Rebirth
Updated 04/03/24

1970 T100R Rebuild
Sold 6/1/2019

1971 T120R Rebuild
Sold 6/22/2017

US FlagSunday, April 21, 2024
I originally bought this bike as my primary rider. If it a matching numbers, titled bike that has never been apart. It ran great and did everything it should but was a PITA to get into neutral � a common Trident problem when the clutch doesn't fully release. Then the clutch bearing went out. So, I put it on one of my benches to fix the clutch, service the front end, replace wheel bearings, and touchup the paint where needed.

That was shortly before COVID hit. For some reason, Norton's started coming out of the woodwork for rebuilds, refreshes, basket case builds, and so on so this got put aside.

Somewhere along in there, I fixed the clutch, installed a Tri-Spark ignition and a Tri-Spark MOSEFT regulator. Since I was installing Tri-Spark I re-did the wiring. The wiring is about done (I know it looks like a lot to do in the headlight, but to me that minor.) Once the wiring is all done I'll change the fluids � been sitting too long and give it a good test � should still be fine but with a easy to find neutral.

The only other known issues are the left-side horn bracket is broken � I'll resolve that. The tires a fairly old now � they hold air fine, but I would prefer Avon Roadriders on it. Right now I'm thinking of selling it with the current tires, but we could make a deal for me to install Avons (About $350). I rebuilt the carbs when I started on it and they should be fine, but of course, a new set of Premiers would be nicer. I have them, but it's more money again.

I was planning to sell the matching Trident I have but decided to keep it and sell this one. This one looks better as it has a nicely repainted tank, but the other one has oil leaks and original paint.

T150VJJ-Left Front
T150VJJ-Left Rear
T150VJJ-Right Front
T150VJJ-Right Rear

June 10, 2023 had a break from Nortons today while waiting for parts.  This bike came off the stand a few weeks ago for a Norton that needed and engine rebuild.  Today, I finished the wiring except the horns.  The timing side horn just needs to be mounted and connected to the relay. The drive side horn bracket is broken - I have the piece.  Need to decide how to fix it.

June 29, 2023 had another break whiloe waiting for cylinders to be bored for this engine. Rathering than welding the horn tab back on I installed two small, LOUD, horns; one each side using the top mounting bolt for the passenger peg mount.  The wiring is all done and the tank is cleaned out - petcocks always leaked and it turns out that they had no screens so I will install new.  Can't find the seat - I know I have a decent one for it!

I'm going to install the tank, change fluids and start it up.  I have two people interested and both would like new Avon RoadRider tires and Premier carbs.  I completly rebuilt the carbs when I got the bike and it ran perfectly.  If one of them comits and really want premier, I'll sell the installed set and install new - I have the new carbs. When I parked the bike, the tires were fine - now they are looking old and RoadRiders handle better so I'm not against changing them.

July 2, 2023 can a quick job be turned into a long job?  Yes it can!  Yesterday, I finished cleaning out the tank, polishing it and fixing some minor chips.  Then I installed the new petcocks.  So far, no issue.  Then started the search for mounting hardware!  After looking in every nook and cranny, I had what I needed.  Then, it became evident that the threads were almost gone in the frame for the rear mount.  Another search for the correct drill bit to go with the HeliCoil kit - why don't they provide one - Grrrrrrrrrrr!  OK, that's fixed  - time to install the tank.  That went fine and as I was standing back admiring the bike I realized that the clutch cable was routed poorly.

Today, I removed the tank, re-routed the clutch cable and reinstalled the tank.  This time as I was admiring my work I noticed that the spark plug wires were connected to nothing and they were pootly routed as well. There was no way to be sure which one went where so, you guessed it - off with the tank.  OK, route them nicely to each plugs and put the tank back on.  Finally, I could admire my work and find no reason to remove the tank!

I'm still have a lot of trouble wallking and got a steriod shot in my foot on Thursday.  Steriods make it hard to slow down and think.  I don't do critical things like assembling engines when under their affect but a gas tank should not be that big a deal to install!

July 7, 2023 Finished up some small things, changed all fluids, found the seat and installed it. It's original and looks decent.

July 8, 2023 Big Day!  A friend came by to visit - I put him to work. I got confused when I installed the Tri-Spark thinking the drive side cylinder was number one. So, the bike wouldn't start it was easy enough to figure out. So, we set it up correctly and started it up and checked that oil was returning. It was but was now low since the oil lines and cooler were now full. Added oil and it was time to strobe time it. That went fine.

So, test ride time. I still can't start or ride a bike, so he took it out and came back quickly - I forgot to check the tires. We filled them up and he went again. It handled a lot better with air in the tires! While riding, he lost and then found the taillight lens. I forgot that I was testing LED taillight bulbs and didn't tighten the screws!

His bike is a Norton Commando Combat, so a Trident is a bit strange to him. I asked how the front brake felt as it's all new and he said: "It works, I locked it up!". You won't do that on a stock Norton! Now it's thunderstorm time so he had to head home.

The primary reason for parking it in 2015 was to fix the clutch. It would barely disengage and finding neutral was nearly impossible. That�s all resolved now.

July 9, 2023 I almost got to say "All Done".  Nope, I have to get that sticker off the front fork and I have to change the speedo drive and maybe the cable.  The speedo is not working and when you disconnect the cable from it and turn it, it turns - clearly cannot do that if the speedo drive is good. When I parked it, I know the speedo was acting flaky but I thought it was a dirty cable and cleaned ot - appearently not!  Thi sbike is oil tight.  The stain under it is from an different bike!

Still expecting whlever decides to buy tis to ask for new tires and Premier carbs.  noticed yesterday that the rear tire is installed backwards - not by me!  Not sure how much it matter with TT100 tires though as it handles fine.

Once the weather immproves I'll take it outside and post a bunch of pictures. for now, this one will do.

So, head to the bank, get a big stack of hundreds and come pickup your Trident!  Actually, cash isn't required.

JJ Done

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