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The Rebuild from Hell
Updated 01/22/19

1974 T150V Refresh
Updated 01/12/23

1970 T120R Rebuild
Updated 03/16/23

A Trident Rebirth
Updated 12/06/18

1970 T100R Rebuild
Sold 6/1/2019

1971 T120R Rebuild
Sold 6/22/2017

US Flag Wednesday, March 22, 2023
I originally bought this bike as my primary rider. If it a matching numbers, titled bike that has never been apart. It ran great and did everything it should but was a PITA to get into neutral – a common Trident problem when the clutch doesn't fully release. Then the clutch bearing went out. So, I put it on one of my benches to fix the clutch, service the front end, replace wheel bearings, and touchup the paint where needed.

That was shortly before COVID hit. For some reason, Norton's started coming out of the woodwork for rebuilds, refreshes, basket case builds, and so on so this got put aside.

Somewhere along in there, I fixed the clutch, installed a Tri-Spark ignition and a Tri-Spark MOSEFT regulator. Since I was installing Tri-Spark I redid the wiring. The wiring is about done (I know it looks like a lot to do in the headlight, but to me that minor.) Once the wiring is all done I'll change the fluids – been sitting too long and give it a good test – should still be fine but with a easy to find neutral.

The only other known issues are the left-side horn bracket is broken – I'll resolve that. The tires a fairly old now – they hold air fine, but I would prefer Avon Roadriders on it. Right now I'm thinking of setting it with the current tires, but we could make a deal for me to install Avons (About $350). I rebuilt the carbs when I started on it and they should be fine, but of course, a new set of Premiers would be nicer. I have them, but it's more money again.

I was planning to sell the matching Trident I have but decided to keep it and sell this one. This one looks better as it has a nicely repainted tank, but the other one has oil leaks and original paint. As of right now I have $8570 in this bike. I have too many bikes to finish – make me an offer!

T150VJJ-Left Front
T150VJJ-Left Rear
T150VJJ-Right Front
T150VJJ-Right Rear

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