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US Flag Thursday, August 13, 2020
We bought a huge lot of British motorcycle parts on November 5, 2016. We’ve sold many of them, but still have quite a bit listed on eBay. We have frames, wheels, and exhaust parts that are not in great condition, along with some good fenders, seats, and side covers. Most of what's left and not listed on eBay will be used for rebuilds, sold at shows, or sold here.  If you need parts and want to pay less than eBay, see For Sale on the left.

We specialize in restoring/rebuilding British motorcycles built between 1966 and 1974, primarily Triumphs, Nortons, and BSAs. We have relationship with several important suppliers of parts for British motorcycles:
  • We are a Burlen Authorized Dealer. Burlen is the parent of the The AMAL Carburettor Company and we are an AMAL Authorized Dealer.
  • We are a Tri-Spark Authorized Reseller
  • We are a Central Wheel Components Dealer.  CWC has been making and building wheels in the UK for over 120 years!  Their British chrome rims look just like the original Dunlop/Jones rims.
  • We stock lots of Andover Norton small parts and a few large parts.
  • We are a Wassell Authorized Dealer.
We are selling many AMAL, Tri-Spark, some Wassell products on eBay, but we also sell everything direct for less - just write us or look on eBay!

At any given time, we are restoring or rebuilding several bikes.  We don't do them one-at-a-time because finding parts can take time and often the parts need to be refurbished.  Even though most parts for the more popular bikes can be purchased new (reproductions), we try to use NOS (New Old Stock) or original used parts wherever possible.  For Norton, we usually buy new genuine Norton parts from Andover Norton since the fit is guaranteed and the prices are excellent.  See the links at the left for some of our rebuilds/restores.

Right now, we're 3/4 done with a 1970 Bonneville, almost done with a 1973 T150V, done rebuilding a 1972 Norton Commando Combat, and have a good start on rebuilding a 1974 Norton 850 Commando Roadster, see: Nortons and 1972 Norton 750 Commando Rebuild and 1974 Norton 850 Commando Rebuild. The work on the 1967 Triumph TR6C is starting to move again, see The Rebuild from Hell for my continuing headache -- the fenders and tank are painted and ready to go one the bike.  The 1967 T100C that I bought as a basket case in 1971 is about three quarters done and mostly on hold while I work on the TR6C and others.  We also have a 1974 T150V (see: A Trident Rebirth ), a 1971 T120R, and a 95% complete 1971 BSA B50SS waiting in the wings as well as a parts to make a second 1967 T100C.  The other 1971 T120R is finished and sold, see: 1971 T120R Rebuild Sold.

We can do a complete restore or rebuild for you, or any part you like.  For instance, some customers want us to do the engine and they do the rest. Now that we've installed a large blast cabinet, we can sand/bead blast most frames.  It's not big enough for the oil in frame Triumph, or Norton frames, but all the two-part frames will fit.

We also rebuild/restore certain components. See Restoration Service at the left.

Burlen, the parent of the AMAL Carb Company    The AMAL Carb Company    Tri-Spark, inovative electrical products for the Vintage British Motorcycle    Wassell, the 70+ year old suppliers of British Motorcycle parts    Central Wheel Company, the 120+ old suppliers of spokes and rims
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