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Norton Commando

Updated 12/02/23

Norton Commando

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Norton Commando

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Norton Commando
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Norton Commando
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Norton Commando

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High Mileage 850
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Build Oct 23

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1972 Norton 750
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1972 Norton Wiring
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Customer Combat
and 69S Builds

Closed 10/18/23
US Flag Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Last year I bought two titled, matching numbers, basket cases.  A 750 Combat and a 1975 850 Roadster. I had no plan to start on either just yet as I'm working on two for customers right now: High Mileage 850 and Engine & Gearbox for Export to AU not to mention that my rider 850 is languishing since don't have time to work on it. However, I needed a head for the export bike so...

July 19, 2023 I took the head and cylinders from the 850 engine. I was disappointed to see that the cylinders were food except two broken fins.  You can see the head ready to install July 23 here: Engine & Gearbox for Export to AU

July 20, 2023 through August 7, 2023. Since I'm STILL waiting for the cylinders to come back for the High Mileage 850 and since I need to cleanup the inner gearbox cover I found for the export bike, I decided to take this engine apart, clean and inspect everything and put it away until I have time. Besides the cases being filthy, the camshaft it toast and the crankshaft appearently was sitting in water.  The inside of the timing chest looked new!

I disassembled the crankshaft, protected the journels, took it apart, and blasted it.  Shocklingly, it came out fine!  The sprocket taper and the rotor shaft are fine too. I'm our of crankshaft bolt kits so I can't put it back together yet.  The rods were good, and now they are polished and put away. The cases have been through my beautification process and they are ready to go back together.  All the timing parts are cleaned and stored.

I'm looking for a set of cylinders and a RH10 head for this bike, but there's no hurry.  All the engine parts are clean and stored.  If I have more downtime, I may rebuild the gearbox for this bike but only if I have no customer work that I can do.  So, it may be a while for the next update here.


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