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Norton Commando

Updated 02/07/24

Norton Commando

Updated 02/18/24

Norton Commando

Updated 02/18/24

Norton Commando

Updated 02/18/24

Norton Commando
Head Stud Study

Updated 11/25/23

Norton Commando
Service Releases

Updated 06/13/22

Norton Commando

Updated 02/17/24

Used Parts For Sale
Updated 09/13/20

High Mileage 850
Updated 02/07/24

Customer Combat
Build Oct 23

Updated 02/17/24

Blue 69S
Updated 02/18/24

Norton Rear
Wheel Lacing

Updated 05/06/22

Norton Front
Wheel Lacing

Updated 10/22/21

Norton Front
Forks Helper

Updated 01/08/23

Norton Wiring
Updated 09/02/23

Norton Wiring Diagrams
Updated 02/28/21

Combat 5
Updated 02/07/24

Roadster 850
Updated 08/07/23

1973 Customer
BasketCase Build

Delivered 07/15/22

1974 Norton 850
Commando Rebuild

Sold 01/12/21
Updated 06/10/21

1974 Norton Wiring
Updated 11/21/21

1972 Norton 750
Commando Rebuild

Completed 05/15/19
First Place Norton 5/16/19
Sold 01/01/20

1972 Norton Wiring
Updated 09/06/20

Customer Combat
and 69S Builds

Closed 10/18/23
US Flag Saturday, February 24, 2024
January 25, 2022 Got a call today - the raw Roadster tanks are in.  Otdered five to be sent directly to my painter in CA.  So, I now have the tanks and one set of side covers.  Also got a email hat the restored speedo and tachs are one their way to me.

January 22, 2022 Spent time today disassembling a partial bike I had on a lift so I can store it away – won't be working on it for a long time. Then I started working on putting my rider together enough to get it off the table – I won't have time for it for quite a while. I really need to get enough space to move and I need to get the 69S on a table and get the other table cleared for the basket case build.

January 16, 2022 I have several projects that I'm trying to complete by the end of Spring 2022. Yesterday, I got a new order for a 1972 Yellow Combat Roadster that I plan to have ready during the summer of 2022. Late last year I bought everything a guy in MI had which included three bikes and lots of parts. I am so packed in now that I can hardly move so it’s time to rearrange and put things in the order I’ll need them to get this all done. I have two of my roll around tables that I build, one lift, and a workbench. Here’s what needs to happen.
  • My rider has been on one table a long time as I was re-painting and fixing somethings. Need to get the back end back together so I can take it down – I have no time to ride anyway.
  • The Customer Combat Build is almost done and no longer needs to be on a table. The guy who bought it also bought the 69S I got in the deal above. That does need to be on a table for the things I need to do to it.
  • The Customer Basket Case Build is on the workbench right now and will need a table once the power until is ready.
  • The lift has a bitsa bike that I sold the engine out of so it needs to come apart and be stored. The Combat from the deal above can then go on the lift.

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