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Norton Commando

Updated 09/23/21

Norton Commando

Updated 09/23/21

Norton Commando

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US Flag Thursday, October 21, 2021
The 1971/72 Norton Commando tail light assembly has no mounting suitable for a US license plate. We produce brackets to correct this.  These are designed by us, manufactured in New Jersey, USA, and finished by us.

They come in sets of two and no matter how many sets you order, there is a single $8.30 shipping charge to the US.  To order, send an email to:

Raw: $25.00   Blasted: $30.00   Black Powder Coat $35

Here's how a license plate appears with these brackets:

License Plate Bracket - Full View

Here they are in raw steel as they came from the machine shop.  Notice the surface rust on the edges and slight marks on the faces.

License Plate Bracket - Raw

Here they are in raw steel but media blasted. The rust is gone and the surface is much smoother. They might rust again in shipping but it would be minor. If you want to paint them yourself, this is probably the best version for you.

License Plate Bracket - Blasted

Here they are after we've powder coated them in gloss black. This is how we use them.

License Plate Bracket - Black

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