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Norton Commando

Updated 10/11/20

Norton Commando

Updated 04/18/21

Norton Commando

Updated 02/21/21

cNw Special
Updated 01/24/21

Norton US License
Plate Brackets

Norton Wiring
Updated 02/28/21

Used Parts For Sale
Updated 09/13/20

Norton Wiring Diagrams
Updated 02/28/21

Norton Rear
Wheel Lacing

Updated 03/02/19

Norton Front
Wheel Lacing

Updated 09/13/20

1972 Customer
Combat Build

Finished 9/7/2020

1974 Norton 850
Commando Rebuild

Sold 1/12/21 Updated 03/20/21

1974 Norton Wiring
Updated 09/13/20

1972 Norton 750
Commando Rebuild

Completed 5/15/19
First Place Norton 5/16/19
Sold 1/1/20

1972 Norton Wiring
Updated 09/06/20

US Flag Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Dec 12, 2020 The Bonneville is basically done and a Trident replaced it on the table.  My 74 MK2A rider is now on the other table.  Once those two are done, the 72 Commando Combat will be next.

Oct 19, 2020  This year has been different!  So far, I've done for customer Nortons (two had frame changes) and one 1979 Triumph.  The 1974 850 I had ready for sale in Jan has been on and off the market a couple of times and is now back on.  Took a nice test ride today - didn't dress properly and about froze before I got back!  My 1974 Commando rider is on one of my tables - maybe now I can finish the rewiring I stated two years ago.  Also the 1970 Triumph Bonneville is back on a table and hopefully I'll finish it this time.

Mar 1, 2020  New project starting.  I guy I've been talking to for months brought his 72 Combat.  He wants the head changed and the engine evaluated, and otherwise is just like the 74 below.

Jan 28, 2020 Another bike is in the queue. Bought a 1972 Norton Commando that has been partly rebuilt into a cafe racer but came with most of the stock parts. We'll build it stock.

Jan 12, 2020 New project starting.  A guy bought a 74 Commando barn find.  He wants it fixed just enough to safely take out for a ride to evaluate what it needs.  This will be worked on the in the spare time among other projects.

Jan 1, 2020 the Show Winning 1972 Combat has been sold.  The 1974 Black Roadster is still available.

Dec 7, 2019 (Updated) Big project arrived today. It started as a MKIII that wouldn't start. That ended up being a Pazon electronic ignition that failed. The owner wanted the bike serviced, the mirrors fixed (threads bad) and the side stand lug fixed.  This all turned into a big project including installed a new frame from Andover Norton. March 7, 2020 that is almost done. Many small things have been found and corrected. March 27, 2020 the owner rode it home today.

Nov 7, 2019 The 1974 Norton Commando came off the table today. As soon as I have a nice day when I'm available, I'll finish it.  Just needs timed, tuned, and tested. See: 1974 Norton 850 Commando Rebuild

May 16, 2019 The 1972 Norton Commando Combat took First Place Norton in the Class Motorcycle Day even in Maryland. See: 1972 Norton 750 Commando Rebuild The plaque is at the end.

August 16, 2018 While looking for parts, I noticed a non-titled 1974 Commando for sale. On a whim, I placed a bid not expecting to win, but I did. I paid way less than I expected. So, I now can build the numbers matching bike below and sell the rest.  See: 1974 Norton 850 Commando Rebuild

Jan 23, 2018 It’s a disease! Now I have a titled, matching numbers, 1974 Norton 850 complete frame, engine cases, and gearbox. There are way too many bikes in the queue.  At least I have the parts for the bottom end from the 1972 and I have everything for a gearbox.

2016 to early 2017 My stepson kept bugging me to give him my Norton so I found him an excellent 1974 850 Commando Interstate – it won Best Bike in the first show he put it in!

At the same time, I bought a 1972 Commando and most of another in a bundle deal. The story I was told is that the bike was wrecked in the 70s, a donor bike was purchased and used to rebuild the bike and the donor bike was left outdoors in a scrap heap. Here's what I knew soon after buying:
  • There were two bikes.  60% of one was left out in the rain in scrap heap since 1976. Other extra parts were stored in a pole barn./li>
  • When rebuilt, the bike received extended forks and a king and queen seat but fortunately, the neck was not cut.
  • The wrecked front end was partly discarded and the good front end was left in the scrap heap.
  • Here’s the issue: I have two engines with the VIN 201251 so one was changed. A much lesser problem is that the frame certification label (VIN) was taken from the wrecked bike and put on the good frame, but it was done very poorly.
  • Supposedly this was all done by the owner's son who was a Harley mechanic. The son could not get the battery charging to work so the bike was parked in the pole barn and he gave his father a Harley to ride – that was in 1976.
  • The original bike was a yellow combat and built on January 4, 1972.
  • The donor frame, gearbox and engine were used in the rebuild. The donor was 209458 and it was a black 1972 Combat.
  • The original frame, engine, and gearbox were left outside since 1976.
  • The serial number on the donor engine was changed.
  • The original head looks perfect except that someone tried to fix the spark plug hole on one side and didn't know that there is not enough space in a Norton head to use a standard repair kit.  So, the valve seats are damaged.
  • The spare cylinders look perfect and barely used until you turn them over and notice that they were dropped at some point. Both cylinder walls are cracked near the bottom.
So, I thought I would have an easily rebuildable, numbers matching, titled bike and a lot of good parts to sell. It is rebuilt now and there are parts to sell, but certainly not a complete engine. See: 1972 Norton 750 Commando Rebuild

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